Accounting & Tax

Accounting & Audit

At Newhaven we provide basic accounting services, tailored to your precise needs, either through our own in-house CPAs or through our network of accounting partners.

The basic package includes annual accounts, prepared to draft published accounts format, and ready for audit. Monthly accounts, management accounts (accrual basis), cash flow, variance or other reports can be prepared.

Audits must be conducted by regulated third parties. We can arrange for an audit to be carried out at competitive rates, providing an economic alternative to employing full time staff.

Tax Compliance

Completing tax returns has become complex and time consuming, so that it has become all too easy to miss deadlines and incur penalties.

At Newhaven we have extensive and continually updated experience that can help you avoid the problems. 

We have particular experience of property related filings, including Non-Resident Landlord Returns and Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings Returns in the UK.

Hong Kong’s source rule for the taxation of individuals and companies (Inland Revenue Ordinance S.14), its developed services infrastructure and proximity to the PRC make it an attractive jurisdiction for trading companies wanting to lower costs and reduce their tax burden. We can complete your Hong Kong corporate tax returns.

We do not provide tax advisory services. However, our network of top tier tax advisory firms allows us to find you expert help if required.

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